CHINA is the most populous country in the world. Its economy is the fastest growing and ranks second only to the United States. It is no surprise that nearly forty years after the opening up of China, foreign companies are continuing to stampede into China to take advantage of China's expanding markets for their products and services, to leverage China's manufacturing and service base to cost-effectively meet foreign market demands, or to benefit from its vast research and development resource capabilities fuelled by the millions of annual college graduates with advanced degrees.


IPO PANG P. C. is a premier international law firm that has been representing clients in China since the early 1990's. The firm specializes in helping foreign enterprises manage their Chinese efforts by obtaining hard to get licenses, permits, approvals, right to operate certificates and government support for their Chinese ventures.You can also rely on IPO PANG’s support if your business needs funding to grow, and you would like to gain access to the US market, or the capital market. Our recent partnership with The Echo Stream Group , based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, means we can collectively offer to you a wider range of services to suit your business needs. 


The Echo Stream Group, in coordination with our firm, helps clients achieve their growth objectives by providing debt, equity and other capital raising services as well as advising on actionable business development and strategic planning issues. Their creative, hands-on approach, combined with wide-ranging experience, expertise and extensive relationships distinguish The Echo Stream Group as trusted advisors with our clients. Their team of professionals has solid expertise in business services, consumer & retail, healthcare, industrials, infrastructure, media, real estate & lodging, technology and other industries. They also make regular visits to Shanghai, where they are available through their association with IPO PANG. The Echo Stream Group knows where the money opportunities are and can get you in front of investors where you stand the best chance of a successful infusion of capital. For more information, contact us and we will make sure our Partner gives you the fullest attention on matters that mean the most – funding, money, access and expansion.


Clients turn to IPO PANG because of its years of experience in this field, its thorough understanding of Chinese and international corporate law, government regulations, agency practices and Chinese business and social customs and culture . More importantly, IPO PANG's ability to marshal its high level contacts and connections to smooth the way for eco-political acceptance by the Chinese government for a particular venture is legendary and un-paralleled in its scope and reach.


The laws and culture of China are unique and dynamic, and every company, big or small, that intends to take advantage of the Chinese market effectively and efficiently, or intends to operate on Chinese soil must have competent and experienced guidance from a China legal specialist who works hand in hand as a partner with the client.


We know what it takes to do business in China.


IPO PANG has a solid history of success assisting foreign companies pursue their business interests in the People's Republic of China. We’ve been here longer than the vast majority of corporate law firms, and have helped hundreds of companies across a wide spectrum of industries securely and quickly establish operations in China, and then provide follow-on services for their ongoing legal needs in the areas of contracts, labor policy, M&A, arbitration, and IP / trademark protection to name but a few.


IPO Pang’s specialist work in intellectual property rights, particularly trademarks, means if you have a problem with counterfeit, we have the experience to assist and get the results you need. Our deep knowledge of Chinese culture and local attitudes is what makes IPO Pang the firm you can rely on when your business suffers at the hands of counterfeiters. We will ensure that all your intellectual property rights are protected and fight anyone who attempts to intervene with this.


Whether it's in the negotiation room, the drafting room, or the court room, IPO PANG has a strong reputation as a firm that performs. With over 18 years’ experience in China alone, IPO PANG is proud of its services and track record. At IPO PANG, helping foreign companies achieve their goals in China expeditiously and in full legal compliance is all we do; China is our sole focus, not just a sideline. We are your one-stop professional services center for all your China venture related needs.


With You All the Way
We will guide your enterprise every step of the way in establishing a fully operational presence in China. We provide counsel on start-up issues like optimal corporate structure, intellectual property protection, partner selection, and due diligence. And once you're established, we can provide all of the necessary backup support services, including human resources and recruiting, accounting and cash management, contract negotiation and drafting, tax bureau reporting and audits, and when aggressive representation is needed, litigation and arbitration services. If confronted with administrative roadblocks or legislative barriers, we can also bring our experienced lobbying skills at all levels of government to bear. We operate in teams, and a senior partner is always in control of every file to ensure that that it receives timely and thorough attention.


Aggressively Representing Your Interests

Many of our attorneys are trained in the US, China, and abroad. We know how to marshal the facts in our client’s favor and we stand behind their interests 100%, yielding ground only if and when it is beneficial and never quitting when difficulties arise. Confidentiality, secrecy and protection of the client’s proprietary interests particularly under litigious circumstances are our standard operating procedures. We pride ourselves on being the consummate project facilitators and legal solution providers, and we fully recognize that aggressive representation of the client’s interest means not only advising the client what cannot be done, but what can be done and how.


When things go off the Rails
It's not unusual for companies that have prior international experience to approach China in the same way they approach their other foreign ventures. All too often however even these experienced companies, by failing to obtain competent local Chinese legal counsel find their Chinese ventures underperforming, or even in outright distress. IPO PANG recognizes the growing need for China-savvy legal, accounting, regulatory, and business guidance that can not only identify the true causes of underperformance, but implement the changes required to fix them. Accordingly, IPO PANG has created a division called Trident China Venture Restructuring whose sole mission is to remedy the problems afflicting Chinese enterprises and joint ventures, and either put these enterprises back on the road to success or to maximize value through divestiture of the Chinese interest.




We're Here to Help
Trident China Venture Restructuring is a division of IPO PANG P.C. that is dedicated to helping distressed foreign-owned ventures in China to restructure, re-organize, re-capitalize and change course.


China is blessed with a booming economy, a growing middle class, modern infrastructure, a huge pool of skilled and inexpensive labor, and a hunger for new products and services. But even with all of these factors in its favor, there is no guarantee that foreign ventures will succeed here. Often the failure is not in product or service quality, but in a failure to adapt to local needs and customs. Our record of assisting companies in distress has proven that we have the right combination of experience, background and business savvy to help foreign-owned Chinese enterprises either right their ship or divest with maximum value.


A Complex Environment
There are many possible causes of distress in a China venture. Underperformance could be related to the product itself, marketing, distribution channels, ineffective management, or regulatory barriers – or any combination of these. The presence and role of Chinese partners in a venture expands the list of possible causes of distress or under-performance significantly. Discord between a foreign firm and its Chinese partner is not unusual, and discord will damage a venture’s prospects for success whether caused by honest disagreement about methods and strategies or by the willful undermining of one party’s efforts by the other. The "human element" as a cause of an enterprise's distress cannot be overlooked or under estimated. Not properly dealt with early on in the distress cycle, these human factors will often tax any turnaround efforts. The Chinese market is unique, often demanding unconventional formulae for success and significant customization in order to meet the demands of localization and price sensitivity. The unique proclivities of Chinese consumers and business culture demand the assistance of seasoned and experienced specialists that have paid their dues in the Chinese business environment. Foreign-owned companies cannot operate under a “business as usual” paradigm in China, and over the years Trident has helped many companies overcome these vexing issues.


A Logical Approach to Resolution
When a Chinese venture is in distress, management needs to quickly determine its true causes and implement an action plan. This process is most effectively accomplished through an independent and objective third party familiar with both western and Chinese laws, business practices and cultures.


The Trident team is comprised of experts in law, accounting (including forensic accounting), management, and regulatory affairs who perform a three-phase process to investigate and analyze the distressed venture, identify potential solutions, and implement them. Depending on the nature of a venture's distress, Trident can also leverage IPO PANG's network of government relations and influential business leaders to help bring about simple rational solutions that just need just a little "nudge" or encouragement from the right parties in order to succeed.


Flexible Engagement

Our engagement can be as simple as analysis and production of a "state of affairs" report, all the way through to providing active consultancy, taking over as temporary management and operations, or assisting the stakeholders in divesting the venture at the highest value attainable. Where necessary and appropriate, Trident can also assist with finding investors who are willing to jump in to take the company to the next level.


Our client engagement model is also flexible in that we may consider partnering with the client, thereby reducing the financial burden at the outset and sharing in the future success of the restructured venture. We take pride in this mode of engagement simply because in times of distress, clients need partners, not merely service providers. At Trident, we flourish in our clients’ successes, and we have been successful in this business for many years.


Time is of the Essence
The key point about distressed ventures is that they rarely, if ever, fix themselves. Quite the contrary - they only get worse and worse. Few companies have the luxury of taking a “wait and see” approach, so prompt and decisive action is paramount. When legal action is necessary, such as temporary restraining orders, orders to show cause, or other legal maneuvers, Trident resources its parent IPO PANG's attorneys and network of litigators who can go into a court or an administrative bureau on a moment’s notice and obtain the necessary orders to preserve status quo or to prevent dissipation of valuable assets.


Staving Off Damage
Often distress is manifested by deteriorating employee relationships and fast action may be needed to prevent outright theft of valuable company property or worse, illegal dissemination of false allegations to industry and government alike. Trident can help you manage crises like these, borne of corporate distress, ideally before they happen. In the event that damaging actions are conducted, Trident specialists have the experience and know-how to limit the damage, rehabilitate reputation lost, and where appropriate, resource IPO PANG attorneys to initiate legal or protective action to stave off further damage.


Trident has already helped a number of foreign enterprises weather their Chinese storms, and we can help you too.



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Trident China Venture Restructuring is a division of IPO PANG P.C. that is dedicated to helping distressed foreign-owned ventures in China to restructure, re-organize, re-capitalize and change course.


Trident has already helped a number of foreign enterprises weather their Chinese storms, and we can help you too.

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