Famous Trademarks and the Protections Offered Under Chinese IP Law to Such Marks

Categories: Business In China, Intellectual Property | By John Tan

China is a “first registration ” jurisdiction when it comes to trademark protections, meaning that the first individual or corporate entity to register a trademark will generally take priority over subsequent applicants. This can give significant leverage to a “squatter” who applies for a trademark in the name of a famous or well-known person or…

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Should You Register Your Trademark in Chinese?

Categories: Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Intellectual Property | By John Tan

Many foreign businesses are reluctant to register their brand name into Chinese, assuming that the brand will be recognizable, distinctive, and protected by one trademark filing. In reality, it is critical to ensure that the trademark name is also registered in Chinese. To begin with, it is important to understand that if the trademark is…

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China Cracking down on Malicious Trademark Registrations

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Intellectual Property | By Teo Doremus

What does a deck of playing cards and a lighter have in common? ‘Nothing’, one could argue. On December 30th 2015, the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court argued otherwise and endorsed a creative argument in a case involving the world’s largest playing card manufacturing company and a malicious trademark applicant. The United States Playing Card…

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