IPO Pang Xingpu Welcomes One New Team Member!

Categories: Blog, Legal Updates | By Peter Pang


IPO Pang Xingpu is pleased to introduce to you one new team member this month.

  • Courtney Zhou is an attorney trained both in the United States and in China. Courtney received a Juris Doctor degree from Notre Dame University School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in the State of New York. Courtney focuses her practice on corporate law and intellectual property law. She has experience in developing custom-designed IP portfolios, coordinating IP investigations, and supervising anti-counterfeiting programs.


HiringĀ Courtney is a testament to her ability to work as an outstanding legal professional in the ever-evolving and complex American and Chinese legal environments. She has been for chosen for her ability to work with both foreign and Chinese parties and we are proud to have her among our ranks.”

Peter C. Pang, Managing Partner
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