Administrative Law in China: What You Need to Know

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Foreign Direct Investments | By Peter Pang

  Like many countries, China has numerous state agencies that make decisions that affect Chinese companies, consumers, and citizens on a daily basis.  These agencies decide on various matters such as the compensation to be given to a Chinese citizen whose property is seized for the purpose of building high-rise apartment buildings as cities expand…

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The Reinstatement of an Employee Under Chinese Law

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

If you are a Chinese employer and have terminated an employee, it is highly likely the employer may seek redress through the courts in an effort to rescind their termination and be reinstated. Chinese employment law is extremely employee friendly and there are very limited circumstances under which an employee can be terminated when compared…

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The Keys to Terminating an Employee in China

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

  Employee terminations in China can be quite unlike terminating an employee in other countries.  Whether the termination is for cause because the employee was embezzling from the company or for legitimate performance reasons, terminating an employee in China can often lead to a somewhat torturous and lengthy process that can turn very ugly very…

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China Cracking down on Malicious Trademark Registrations

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Intellectual Property | By Peter Pang

What does a deck of playing cards and a lighter have in common? ‘Nothing’, one could argue. On December 30th 2015, the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court argued otherwise and endorsed a creative argument in a case involving the world’s largest playing card manufacturing company and a malicious trademark applicant. The United States Playing Card…

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