Protecting Worker Safety in China: Why It Matters

Categories: Blog, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

worker safety in china

  Many countries have governmental occupational health and safety standards to protect workers on the job.  In the United States, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor is responsible for regulating the workplace conditions and safety. OSHA was created in the early 1970’s, the agency is responsible…

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How to Protect Trade Secrets in China When Employees Leave

Categories: Business In China, China 101, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

The challenge is thus how a Chinese company can protect its trade secrets when an employee quits to either start a competing business of his or her own or to join a competitor without violating PRC law in the process As China continues to develop truly world-class e-commerce and other Internet and technology companies like…

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The Reinstatement of an Employee Under Chinese Law

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

If you are a Chinese employer and have terminated an employee, it is highly likely the employer may seek redress through the courts in an effort to rescind their termination and be reinstated. Chinese employment law is extremely employee friendly and there are very limited circumstances under which an employee can be terminated when compared…

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Employee Handbooks in China: Why You Should Have One

Categories: Blog, Business In China, China 101, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

In many Western countries, written employee handbooks have been standard practice for most employers for decades. These handbooks provide a uniform set of guidelines that the employer follows in terms of employee dress codes, vacation policies, procedures and grounds regarding discipline and termination of employees, and a whole host of other issues that may arise…

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The Keys to Terminating an Employee in China

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

  Employee terminations in China can be quite unlike terminating an employee in other countries.  Whether the termination is for cause because the employee was embezzling from the company or for legitimate performance reasons, terminating an employee in China can often lead to a somewhat torturous and lengthy process that can turn very ugly very…

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