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Attorneys who know what it takes to do business in China.

IPO Pang is a premier international law firm that has been representing clients in China since the early 1990s.We’ve been here longer than the vast majority of corporate law firms, and have helped hundreds of companies across a wide spectrum of industries securely and quickly establish operations in China, and then provide follow-on services for their ongoing legal needs. We specialize in helping foreign enterprises manage their Chinese efforts by obtaining hard to get licenses, permits, approvals, right to operate certificates, and government support for their Chinese ventures. You can also rely on IPO Pang’s support if your business needs capital to grow or you have concerns about counterfeiting and litigation in China. 

Clients turn to IPO Pang because of our years of experience in this field, and our thorough understanding of Chinese and international corporate law, government regulations, agency practices and Chinese business and social customs. More importantly, IPO Pang’s ability to marshal high level contacts and connections to smooth the way for acceptance by the Chinese government is legendary and unparalleled in its scope and reach. 

Competing in China. 

The laws and culture of China are unique and dynamic. Every company, large or small, that intends to take advantage of the Chinese market effectively and efficiently — or that intends to operate on Chinese soil — must have competent and experienced guidance from a China legal specialist. IPO Pang’s primary commitment is to U.S. clients seeking to establish or expand business in China. Our services for China Business Ventures are comprehensive, running from assisting with choosing the right corporate structure, to selecting appropriate local partners, to the areas of contracts, labor policy, M&A, arbitration, and intellectual property protection. We serve a large array of business industries, including consumer products, medical and biotechnology, entertainment, IT, and telecommunications, to name just a few.

Corporate Restructuring for Businesses in Distress.

It’s not unusual for companies that have prior international experience to approach China in the same way they approach their other foreign ventures. All too often however even these experienced companies, by failing to obtain competent local Chinese legal counsel, find their Chinese ventures underperforming, or even in outright distress. IPO Pang recognizes the need for China-savvy legal, accounting, regulatory, and business guidance that can not only identify the true causes of underperformance, but implement the changes required to fix them. The sole mission of our China Business Distress Management service is to remedy the problems afflicting Chinese enterprises and joint ventures, and either put these enterprises back on the road to success or to maximize value through divestiture of the Chinese interest.

Your Bridge to Chinese Investors.

Flush with money from serving as the “factory of the world” and the real estate boom in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, many Chinese businessmen and entrepreneurs are ready, willing and capable of investing in overseas projects. IPO Pang assists U.S. and other foreign businesses and start-up companies to access this stream of Chinese capital, including through EB-5 Regional Centers and our pioneering use of “Grant Backs.” We not only seek Chinese financial investment for businesses in need of capital, we seek “partners” who will stay with the invested business long term, developing value and multiplying its potential.

Comprehensive China Legal Consulting.

We encourage you to read more about IPO Pang and our History of Success in China, about our founder, Peter C. Pang, and about the promise and complexity of Doing Business in ChinaContact IPO Pang to learn more about how we can put our years of international experience to work for your business venture.