During our first 20 years in China, IPO Pang grew as an organization and became a key player in foreign business investment and anti-counterfeiting work. We also welcome you to learn about our more recent Representative Work.


China IPO Pang
China accounts for just 2.2% of world trade. IPO Pang pioneers the first American bid for a City of Dalian rail infrastructure project.
China’s first copyright law has been in effect for just 2 years. IPO Pang establishes its first China office in Guangzhou.
The country’s first McDonalds® restaurant has been open for a year. IPO Pang instrumental in developing and promoting the first International Trade Center re-development for Chinese investors.
China founds first school of intellectual property at Peking University to meet IP demands. IPO Pang enters bid for client on Chinese infrastructure development utilizing proprietary technology for hydro-electric power generation.
China extends its trademark law to include collective marks, certification marks and 3D symbols. timeline_2
1994 – 1995
China’s first World Cup appearance. IPO Pang introduces the first Television Home Shopping Venue to CCTV, China’s offical number one television station.
China extends compulsory education from 6-9 grades, increasing the literacy of the population. IPO Pang successfully procures the first joint venture import gold license.
1996 – 1998
China establishes the SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) in order to consolidate trademark, patent, and copyright offices under a single authority. IPO Pang instrumental in revising the “Traveler’s Exemption” law adopted by the Central Commission of Policies, enabling EMS to import foreign products tariff-free.
Microsoft® and Intel® start Chinese operations. IPO Pang represented early bird clients interested in exploring horse racing in China.
China patent law amended to extend the term of protection to 20 years and patent applications from foreign companies without a Chinese office can be filed through an authorized patent agent. IPO Pang leads a team of officials from the City of Oakland, California to the Sichuan Woolong Panda Preserve for Panda Cooperation with the China Wildlife Conservation Commission.
China’s GDP reached US $1.08 trillion and projected to quadruple that amount by year 2020. IPO Pang leads and procures a call center license for a retailer and negotiates the first JV with EMS for delivery on a COD basis.
2001 – 2002
China enters into the WTO as its 143rd member. IPO Pang instrumental in procuring a timeslot on CETV for an Australian home shopping company.
The IOC announces Beijing will host the 2008 Olympics. IPO Pang negotiates the buyback of a century-old trademark from local vendor with prior rights.
China’s first World Cup appearance.
IPO Pang procures license and approval from the Guangdong government for one of the first Sino-American logistics companies.
2003 – 2004
China reaches 94 million Internet users. IPO Pang helps procure the first scratch-off instant lottery licenses by a foreign company.
China Mobile users hit 325 million. IPO Pang negotiates the first instant lottery television program for distribution via the Shanghai Media Group.
China contributes to one-third of global economic growth. IPO Pang opens its Shanghai office in Pudong New District.
2005 – 2006
China implements new and amended corporation law to encourage foreign investments. IPO Pang expands office space and personnel.
China’s GDP growth at 10.7%, highest in 11 years. IPO Pang negotiates options for casino development and license concessions in Macau.
China’s urban disposable income increased 12.1% from the year before, the largest gain in history. IPO Pang meets with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Finance for cooperation.
2007 -2008
China reaches the world’s largest Internet population with over 210 million users. IPO Pang meets with the Ministry of Sports on behalf of sports-oriented clients to pave the way for cooperation.
China hosts Beijing Olympics, executing display of fireworks and garnering the most number of gold medals. IPO Pang disseminates and educates Ministry of Finance on online gambling practices in Europe.
2009 – 2010
China becomes the world’s largest market for automobiles. IPO Pang awarded recognition as a fierce fighter of piracy and conducted numerous raids and seizures on behalf of clients.
China’s total number of Internet users reaches 457 million. IPO Pang enlarges practice in political lobbying and consultancy, and forms division focused on restructuring ventures in distress.
China surpasses 900 million mobile phone users. IPO Pang successfully defends numerous IP cancellation cases.
China surpasses US as top energy user.