Corporate Restructuring

In China, even with the most thoroughly written business plans, things sometimes go awry. Perhaps the local partner relationship has soured, the foreign exchange rate has changed, local laws and regulations (or their interpretation) have changed, internal management issues have arisen, or local fraud is suspected. Businesses in China, as elsewhere, can suffer a litany of issues and problems.

Through our China Business Distress Management services, we specialize in handling complex multi-province restructurings through a dedicated network of governmental resources that we can call upon for assistance and support. For years we have helped clients through financial and management difficulties. We facilitate turnarounds, and where necessary, we can temporarily take over management and operations to complete a turnkey turnaround for the foreign client in accordance with agreed-upon business plans and guidelines.

Where there are disputes, we facilitate settlements; where capital is needed, we facilitate raising of capital; where a default is pending or where Chinese government threatens penal actions, we intervene to facilitate a moratorium to buy valuable time to work matters out.

IPO Pang’s experience and government contacts often prove pivotal in distressed situations, resulting in maximum salvaged value for the foreign enterprise when it appears all hopes are lost. Restructurings, work-outs, standstills, rescheduling of debts and equity, rescues, securitizations, bankruptcy, liquidation, formal and informal restructurings, cram downs, debt to equity swaps, and other forms of capital restructuring, schemes and arrangements are just some of the areas for which we provide service. We understand that often restructuring means walking into the fire in unhappy times. Our lawyers are passionate about finding value when all hope appears lost, and take pride in representing the foreign enterprise with zeal. Clients trust IPO Pang because we know how to manage crisis, overcome difficulties, protect interests, recognize potential, maximize opportunities and deliver satisfactory results.

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