International Arbitration

Even in the best of times, and despite the best of intentions, and the best crafted agreements, disputes do arise. In China, failure to resolve disputes quickly and amicably can put the foreign enterprise’s entire operation at risk. At IPO Pang, our arbitration practice covers all areas of China and its Special Administrative Regions and, depending on the specific requirements of the dispute, we can resource the right arbitrators to handle the matter in a professional and competent manner.

Our objective is to resolve disputes in favor of our client in the shortest amount of time, in the most cost effective manner, and utilizing what are often only limited available arbitration resources in the most efficient way.

Realizing that downtime caused by dispute costs clients money, we believe that time is of the essence in their resolution. Often cooler heads and careful economic analysis of the situation will bring a quick and practical win-win solution to the dispute. We advise the foreign enterprise client on the procedural aspects of the dispute resolution process, and even assist the client in the drafting of dispute resolution clauses for inclusion in contracts and agreements. We also advise clients regarding the conduct of arbitration proceedings and the venue that would likely be most favorable to their interests. When an award has been made in favor of the client, we assist with the enforcement of the arbitral awards.

Foreign enterprise clients come to IPO Pang because we resolve disputes quickly and help them get back to the business of business.

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