International Trade

Often before a foreign enterprise opens up an office or factory in China, it will engage in international trade with a Chinese local vendor as a way of testing the waters — either as a supplier of products or as a customer of the foreign enterprise’s products.

For these foreign enterprises, navigating Chinese trade laws, practices and customs with efficiency is indispensable to their ultimate success as a real business player in China. Our extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of Chinese law, trade and practices, plus our rich experience with customs, government bureaus and agencies such as the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has given us a unique perspective on handling and dealing with complex trade issues.

Whether as a negotiator, adviser or drafter of complex trading agreements, IPO Pang is equipped with the people, the expertise and the know-how to achieve the foreign enterprise’s objectives. Our ability to find innovative solutions to complex cross-border issues has been honed by years of experience in the field, often involving high level government contacts in addition to our network of lawyers and specialists. These experiences have served us well enabling our clients to overcome obstacles and resolve matters before they deteriorate local operations. We understand that our foreign clients often feel disadvantaged in China, and our goal is to even the playing field and seek dispute avoidance and resolution under conditions and terms that are acceptable to both sides. Trade barriers, customs and origin, export controls, preferential trade arrangements, indigenous invention rules, and anti-subsidy issues are just some of the areas in which our extensive experience can resolve matters for foreign enterprises.

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