Consumer Products

With 1.3 billion eager Chinese consumers, this is the market that every foreign enterprise client salivates for. The growing middle class is consuming more, buying more and upgrading the quality of their purchases. However, Chinese consumers are finicky, having very strong price sensitivities and deeply rooted local buying habits that few foreign enterprises have been able to successfully address. Leading companies such as P&G and Nestle studied Chinese consumers for many years before coming up with successful formulae that uniquely cater their products and services to Chinese consumers. Their concerted efforts to localize their products and promotions yielded them great successes in China. 

At IPO Pang, we have attorneys and specialists trained at consumer product companies in China and abroad, and a number of them have spent years studying and analyzing Chinese consumers and the laws and regulations that govern this sector of the market. It is this type of unique background and array of resources that foreign enterprise clients can draw upon when they engage IPO Pang to help them draft a distribution agreement, obtain approval of a product, or provide feedback on marketing campaigns that are not only effective but permissible under the confines of consumer marketing laws. The growth of the Chinese consumer products industry has been nothing less than phenomenal, and it is forecasted to double within the next 5 years. IPO Pang plans to grow along with the industry, and provide our unique blend of practical on-the-ground advice with our deep understanding of the laws and regulations that govern this industry.

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