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Areas of Expertise

A central part of IPO Pang’s mission is to help foreign clients turn around Chinese ventures that are in distress. In order to do this, IPO Pang applies a variety of skills that are fundamental to both the analysis and the resolution of the root causes of distress.

Although these skills are typically applied as a comprehensive package in a distress situation, clients can also access these skills selectively as part of a business development or internal oversight process.

Our services fall into four broad categories:



  • Financial audits
  • Recommendation / implementation of the newest legal accounting practices to maximize value
  • Forensic auditing to reveal skimming, theft, fraud, etc.
  • Contracted accounting and HR


General Management and Marketing

  • Market research, particularly regarding competition and localization
  • Review of distribution channels
  • Identify causes of discord: ~ within the China venture ~ between the China venture and its local partners ~ between the foreign client and its Chinese partners
  • As required, place temporary management to implement change


Legal and Regulatory

  • Contractual law and negotiation
  • Arbitration and litigation
  • Protection of IP / prosecution of IP theft
  • Labor and environmental law / governmental negotiation
  • Change of corporate structure



  • Assist in sourcing capital
  • Assist in finding buyers / investors when a client wants to reduce or eliminate its position in a Chinese venture

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