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Foreign Direct Investments

Foreign businesses interested in entering the Chinese market will be faced with a plethora of regulatory and legal requirements, including ensuring the intellectual property of the foreign party is well protected and registered. At IPO Pang, we advise clients through three phases when considering entry into China:

  1. Pre-entry and the registration of rights prior to embarking on investment in an entry vehicle;
  2. Entry and the list of items that are needed to fully establish a presence in China, including the selection of a legal representative if it is a formation of a WFOE;
  3. Post-entry and the kinds of filings and maintenance items that will be necessary to ensure your enterprise or investment stay compliant.

Chinese regulatory requirements are often unforgiving and demanding. IPO Pang offers a one-stop professional services program that assists the foreign investor to enter the Chinese market and stay in the market without the worries of keeping up with all the local laws, rules and regulations. Meanwhile, key sales and executive officers of the company can focus on the business of expanding the enterprise’s core business.

We can also advise and assist clients with:

  • Representative office or wholly-owned foreign enterprise formation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Expansion of business scope for the local enterprise
  • Procurement of environmental permits where necessary

Foreign currency inbound and, more importantly, repatriation of funds (outbound) from China is an important consideration. At IPO Pang, we have the experience, expertise, and “connections” to assist and facilitate enterprises with their financial orchestration, especially in an environment where all currency movements are strictly controlled by the State Administration on Foreign Exchange.

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