Local Regulatory Compliance and Audits

IPO Pang has advised multi-national companies that need to comply with local regulatory requirements. These range from environmental to labor, from hours of operation to handling of hazardous materials. Local authorities are on the move to generate “revenue” from citations and more often than not, multi-nationals are targeted.

Our regulatory practice includes not only defending and settling infractions, but extends to the procurement of licenses, permits, and other related approvals. Audits are often conducted by local authorities without notice. Fines are often set at a range between 0% and up to 100% of the statutory fine, which may range up to 1 million RMB for more severe infractions. At IPO Pang, we have had an excellent track record for settling the fine at a fraction of the maximum, and have the experience, know how and skills necessary to negotiate a reasonable fine.

We have accompanied company personnel on audits, served as the local liaison for regulatory compliance matters, and have opined on the legality, acceptability and risks of certain conduct, action or practices which may lead to regulatory infractions. We work with company compliance officers in designing compliance programs, audit programs and emergency response program in the event of an audit. We have advised on product recalls, MSDS disclosures, and employment related programs designed to comply with both laws as well as Communist Party policies.

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