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Litigation and Arbitration

Whether our clients want to file a lawsuit or are being sued, IPO Pang practices all aspects of commercial law litigation. We will court as required and are always well prepared for evidentiary hearings and trials. However, we will not file frivolous lawsuits. The team at IPO Pang conducts thorough due diligence on the opposing party before we start litigation and, where appropriate, we will negotiate to settle cases for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our litigation experiences involve:

  • Unfair competition, all aspects of IP litigation
  • Commercial disputes, partner and shareholder disputes
  • Trademark civil cases, appeals
  • Bribery, corruption, white collar crimes, corporate theft
  • Lease/real estate, land disputes, landlord/tenant
  • Divestiture and bankruptcy, including bankruptcy of WFOE and Foreign Parent
  • Priority rights
  • Breach of contract, with particular emphasis on force majeure
  • Distribution disputes, sales and territorial disputes, licensing disputes
  • Import/export trade disputes

We pride ourselves in being experienced in many industries, including retail, IT, entertainment, trading, health and life sciences, biotechnology, medical equipment, manufacturing, apparel, chemical and many other industries.

Sometimes the choice of venue can impact legal representation in the course of litigation. Fortunately, IPO Pang have experienced partner litigation firms across China who can handle litigation as local counsel, and where we serve as first chair. This method helps our clients save money. With our network of talented litigators and legal consultants across the country, we are able to serve as litigation central for many multi-nationals who desire effective litigation management at a reasonable cost.

Clients trust us to handle their litigation in China. IPO Pang has vast experience with complex cross-border litigation. Our ability to assign and fully staff each case with sophisticated, bilingual attorneys and technicians enables us to effectively advise, litigate, arbitrate, and eliminate the competition.

IPO Pang often partners with our clients, so that some of our fees are based on a successful outcome and, where appropriate, we may consider handling a litigation matter on a contingency basis.

For matters involving arbitration, we have appeared as an arbitrator or a mediator on numerous cases. While litigation is our expertise, arbitration is a viable alternative should the elongated and expensive court process is not in our client’s best interest. Often, we have inserted a preference for arbitration in business agreements on behalf of our clients.

We represent our clients effectively during mediation, arbitration, and in court. For these and many other reasons, clients seek IPO Pang’s services “WHEN BEING RIGHT MATTERS”®.

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