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Nearly every foreign enterprise that desires to take part in this vast economic frontier called China asks the straightforward question: “How do you get a license or approval to do it?”
In fact, representing foreign enterprises in order to obtain licenses, permits, approvals and government support for their projects in China is the single largest practice at IPO Pang. Just a handful of the many aspects of business development requiring permits are:

  • Factories
  • Retail stores
  • Franchises
  • Distribution outlets
  • Import/export licenses
  • Medical product marketing (clinical testing and SFDA approvals)
  • Film production
  • General business activities

Whatever your specific permitting needs, we know how to do it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our services in this area of practice are unique because we couple the registration/permitting effort with the necessary due diligence and, where appropriate, with background checks of joint venture partners, vendors and third parties. Thus we equip the foreign enterprise client with as much information as possible so that an informed decision can be made. Our connections at the relevant government agencies that oversee the establishment of foreign enterprises can often be drawn upon to expedite the registration process and to ensure that the benefits of any possible shortcuts are open and available to the foreign enterprise client. Inexperienced firms handling this kind of work often get stalled or delayed, or worse yet, rejected outright for technical reasons that can be overcome only at a cost of precious time and money that start-up operations in China can ill afford.

The Chinese government controls how business is conducted at all levels. Certain businesses, for no apparent rhyme or reason, are simply not open to foreign enterprises. IPO Pang is adept at identifying those prohibited areas, and finding a practical solution to achieving the foreign enterprise’s ultimate goal. Often this requires legal maneuvering and clever draftsmanship. While, at other times, it requires legally defensible contractual agreements and government approvals that achieve the same purpose but cast the project in a manner that is legal, workable, and acceptable to client and government regulator alike. This is the forte of IPO Pang – expertise derived from years of experience working with local government agencies and the development of key relationships.

Since virtually every significant event affecting business – such as a merger, a major construction project or supply contract, a significant joint venture or major dispute – has a government component, the ability of IPO Pang to clear the way for government acceptance can be the difference between success and failure.

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