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Over the last 20 years, the firm has been the “go to firm” when multinationals and entrepreneurs need their legal matters in China handled properly, efficiently and with practical wisdom. IPO Pang has operated in China since the early 1990s and is originally based in Shanghai. The firm now has associates throughout China and affiliate partners in over 90 countries. IPO Pang is one of the top international boutique firms in China.

Each client matter is personally handled by a shareholder or partner of the firm. We take pride in this method of client service because it enables each partner to take individual responsibility for delivering outstanding quality and value for each case. IPO Pang treats every endeavor with integrity and dignity. We greet every problem with innovation and imagination. We do not sell time, we sell solutions™.  Top-notch client advocacy, innovative legal solutions, creative business structures, and effective courtroom representation are marks of IPO Pang that have earned it the reputation for quality, value and service. For these reasons and more, clients come to the firm “When Being Right Matters”.

Our Philosophy: Service

IPO Pang is a service-oriented firm who aims for the best legal representation for our clients. Our firm is comprised of highly educated, very experienced, and extremely motivated lawyers to serve our foreign enterprise clients in places where they have not gone before. In this vein, we constantly seek to provide outstanding client services, and do so in a timely and cost effective manner. We employ all forms of technology to complement our practice so that we are available when our clients need us. All of our key staff members are available virtually 24/7 for service via instant messaging, email, or by phone. If we miss your message, someone will response promptly.

While every matter is overseen by a senior attorney, we leverage just the right number of associates, paralegals, technicians, specialists, and administrative staff to support a particular matter so that a case is never understaffed. Our firm employs a Client Service Manager, who is always available at [email protected]. Our Managing Counsel is also accessible where senior legal input is required. We work hard, play by the rules, never compromise on our integrity. IPO Pang is singularly focused on serving our clients to meet their needs.



Whether it’s in the negotiation room, the drafting room, or the courtroom, IPO Pang has a strong reputation as a firm that delivers results for our clients. With over 20 years’ of experience in China alone, IPO Pang is proud of its services and proven track record. At IPO Pang, helping foreign companies achieve their goals in China expeditiously and in full legal compliance is what we do; China is our sole focus, not just a sideline. We are your one-stop professional services center for all your China-venture related needs.

With a professional staff comprised of former government officials, tax bureau specialists, AIC and Ministry of Finance officers, IPO Pang knows how to meander through the complex Chinese bureaucracy in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. We encourage you to read more about Our History of Success in China and our Representative Work.

Our Can Do Attitude

Our attorneys are trained in the U.S., China, and abroad. We know how to use the facts in our client’s favor and we stand behind their interests 100 percent, yielding ground only if and when it is beneficial. We do not quit when difficulties arise. Good planning, strategic legal thinking and clever draftsmanship often can avoid the uncertainties and ambiguities associated with documentation drafted by less experienced attorneys.

We pride ourselves on being the consummate project facilitators and legal solution providers, and we fully recognize that effective representation of the client’s interest means not only advising the client on what cannot be done, but what can be done and how. Some lawyers read the law; some lawyers analyze the law; at IPO Pang, we work the law in favor of our clients.

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