Licenses, Permits and Government Lobbying

Whenever a foreign enterprise decides to enter China, one of the first issues to arise is how to obtain licenses and permits to enable a foreign party to do business in China. These permits range from setting up a representative office to establishing a factory or retail stores. At IPO Pang, we have many years of experience in this sector and successfully concluded procurement of many difficult-to-acquire licenses over the last 22 years. These licenses range from gold licenses to distribution licenses under the personal exemption law of China.

Often Chinese laws do not address a particular business scope. IPO Pang is experienced and capable of lobbying with both provincial and central government to seek acknowledgement and recognition of the need for commerce to occur, thereby procuring special permits to operate in which the foreign party is established as the pioneer in the field. This includes lottery licenses, health clinic licenses, medical equipment licenses, CFDA approvals, and approval and government support for selected media distribution in what is traditionally restricted space.

IPO Pang advocates on behalf of clients in procuring approvals, and when necessary and appropriate, help clients design or re-design its entry strategy into China, so that approval for the particular business will be assured. In China, approval often is not denied, but just not given. At IPO Pang, we specialize in ensuring the clients we advise receive defensible and reliable permits or permission that will be legally supportable.

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