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Shanghai, the financial capital for the second largest economy in the world, is where IPO Pang is headquartered. But proximity and understanding of the market is only part of the story.

With our accounting partners and regulatory connections, foreign enterprise clients come to IPO Pang because we can get transactions done quickly, efficiently and innovatively, complete with Chinese government support. This in fact is where IPO Pang distinguishes itself from all others: true “on the ground” sophistication in one of the world’s key financial centers is what businesses and foreign investors are looking for in a local legal partner. Our foreign enterprise clients appreciate our ability to navigate through regulatory and structuring matters with ease, and they benefit from our close connections with major institutions in China – connections that come only from years of “toiling in the soil.”

Since Chinese institutions often prefer or demand documentation in Chinese, our team is adept at ensuring that documentation meets international standards and is expressed in international legal terms that are acceptable to all parties. This means all documentation will be in both English and Chinese and all communication with our foreign enterprise clients will be in English.

Just some of the services we provide are:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Cross-border financing
  • Debtor-in-possession financing
  • Exit financing
  • Restructurings
  • Investment-grade financing
  • Asset based lending
  • Operating and managing various investment schemes and structures
  • Start-up financing
  • Bridge financings, and
  • Venture capital financing including private placements.

Our unparalleled skills in helping enterprises in distress and assisting them with exit financing is often sought after by companies in need.

China is a complicated financial market, heavily driven by the Chinese government, and much influenced by a complex matrix of insiders who may have their own interests at stake. Thus, we understand the importance of leveraging our varied resources and connections to secure and mobilize critical support on behalf of our clients.

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