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At IPO Pang, we have a well-earned reputation for our expert guidance in helping foreign enterprises go step-by-step, from A through Z, in establishing their legal presence in China, setting up operations within the confines of Chinese law and custom, and facing the opportunities and challenges of growth.

Our multidisciplinary approach through a single team of lawyers lets our foreign enterprise clients enjoy peace of mind and confidence that IPO Pang’s one-stop professional services firm is safeguarding their interests.

Corporate Structure and Registration in China: Sailing Through the Red Tape.

There are many forms of corporate structure in China. The first step is considering whether your enterprise is best served initially by a wholly foreign-owned enterprise or WFOE (pronounced “woofie”), a joint venture with a Chinese partner, a representative office, or some other arrangement. As of 2013, foreign businesses should also consider the opportunities offered by corporate registration in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free-Trade Zone, which gives preference to some industries, offers tax benefits, and reduces the normal level of foreign investment required for new ventures.

Unfortunately, China has a largely accurate reputation for confusion and delay when it comes to corporate registration, particularly for foreign enterprises. Thus, the first critical part of IPO Pang’s role involves cutting through this red tape. And we are uniquely positioned to do so. Our regulatory experts have working relationships with local AIC (Administration of Industry and Commerce) and the local tax bureau so that applications for approval of a particular establishment often sail through the bureaucratic system in record time with minimal difficulties. The key is not only knowing what the authorities want or need to know, but also having the working and personal relationships that can effectively and legally persuade the authorities to expedite processing to prevent undue delays in a venture’s start-up phase. By drawing upon these resources, our establishment and registration team has a nearly 100% success record of obtaining registrations for foreign enterprises with the maximum scope of business allowable by law.

Corporate Compliance: Keeping You on Track.

There are many regulations that govern corporate operations and tax exposure in China – and a whole host of legal and financial “do’s and don’ts” that must be followed in order to maintain the license to operate. Our compliance services – rooted in our years of experiences and working relationships with government officials – take the guesswork out of China’s complicated regime of regulations. Our services include identifying and managing relevant government reporting requirements as well as handling legal audits and sensitive cross-border disclosures and investigations.

Corporate Management: We Handle the Details.

Companies and China face the same day-to-day concerns as companies in the foreign investor’s home country. The differences involve Chinese law, customs and contacts. IPO Pang offers comprehensive corporate services that leave entrepreneurs free to focus on the big picture. Our services include:

Corporate Growth and Divestiture: With You at Every Phase.

Given that many ventures will undergo strategic change over time, IPO Pang always anticipates and advises the foreign enterprise regarding future global issues of divestiture, sale of interest, withdrawal from further investments in China, management and control of the WFOE, corporate liability, personal liability, etc., as well as their implications and stringent reporting requirements on operations domestically. At IPO Pang, we provide a full range of legal services that include:

If you are considering a business venture in China – or have an existing Chinese venture – we welcome you to contact IPO Pang for a consultation with our international team of attorneys and experts regarding how we may be of service.

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