Outbound Foreign Investment

With the rise of the middle class, and the exponential explosion of Chinese wealth, investment outside of China is serious business and an investment option with which the Chinese approach with vigor and passion. IPO Pang works with high net worth individuals, mid- to small-sized companies and private equity firms with ambitions to achieve a balanced investment portfolio that includes acquisition of technology, real estate (residential and commercial), high-tech, med-tech and biotech companies with patented technology, renewable energy, automotive – tier one, two and three, oil and gas, steel, mining, power generation, and other infrastructure projects.

IPO Pang has been successful in assisting numerous Chinese investors with investments in projects outside of China, to include USA, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and many other countries in South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina). Our typical business model is to partner with local counsel in the target country and work with them to ensure the needs of the clients are met. Because our work with Chinese investors is on the “buy side”, IPO Pang is always willing to entertain and vet good, solid projects that may make good investments for our clients. At IPO Pang, our compensation is tied to the success of the project to ensure we stay incentivized to consummate the transaction in the most professional and efficient manner.

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