Environmental Law and Permitting

China now realizes that pollution is and has been its greatest shortfall and with years of neglect while serving as the “factory of the world,” China is on a campaign to reduce environmental pollution. While clean-up is a separate issue, permitting factories that generate discharges is another issue. Because the campaign is to reduce pollution, China is currently very hesitant in permitting even “lightly dirty” production or laboratory businesses. Environmental audits are routine and violators are severely fined.

At IPO Pang, we have a strong network of environmental assessment partners, fully licensed by the authorities to assist with the assessment of a facility and offer recommendations for remediation. We have also extensive experience in negotiating with authorities should a client be cited and remediation is needed to satisfy legal requirements. There are many differnt pathways to achieving remediation, and IPO Pang has sufficient experience and business savvy to assist our clients in achieving sufficient remediation at the lowest cost possible.

Where a new facility or activity is warranted in which permits are required, we often advise clients on structuring an environmental report and application for permit that will reduce elongated reviews and fast track the application for approval. Where pollution has occurred, we have the expertise to marshal the facts to ensure we minimize client’s legal exposure and liability, while isolating the primary culprit through which the authorities can focus their wrath. We have a network of environmental scientists and engineers, along with a network of environmental assessment partners who can tackle nearly any environmental issue in China.

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