Cross Border Joint Ventures

IPO Pang assists foreign companies engaged in discussion with Chinese partners with all aspects of documentation related to potential joint ventures, from negotiations to recording final government approvals. We draft all agreements in English and Chinese, including the main joint venture agreement, articles of incorporation for the joint venture company, service agreements, technical support agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements, import/export agreements, territorial restriction agreements, trade secret and non-disclosure agreements and many agreements related to the operations of a local joint venture.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in negotiating, drafting and closing joint ventures, including divestiture of joint venture assets. We advise clients who demand an aggressive, no-nonsense approach to negotiations, but also realize that a partnership is built on “relationships.” We are in the business of fostering and promoting long term relationships between our clients and their Chinese partners. A win-win relationship is one in which both sides are committed and are happy. The joint venture is like a marriage, in which there will be ups and downs, but if the foundation is solid, the marriage will continue and thrive. We value our ability and capacity to advise on developing solid joint ventures with relationships built on trust and respect.

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