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China is the most populous country in the world. Its economy is the fastest growing and ranks second only to the United States. It is no surprise that nearly forty years after the opening up of China, foreign companies are continuing to stampede into China to take advantage of China’s expanding markets for their products and services, to leverage China’s manufacturing and service base to cost-effectively meet foreign market demands, or to benefit from its vast research and development resource capabilities fueled by the millions of annual college graduates with advanced degrees.

IPO Pang: With You All The Way

We will guide your enterprise every step of the way in establishing a fully operational presence in China. We provide counsel on start-up issues like optimal corporate structure, intellectual property protection, partner selection, and due diligence. And once you’re established, we can provide all of the necessary backup support services, including human resources and recruiting, accounting and cash management, contract negotiation and drafting, tax bureau reporting and audits, and when aggressive representation is needed, litigation and arbitration services. If confronted with administrative roadblocks or legislative barriers, we can also bring our experienced lobbying skills at all levels of government to bear. We operate in teams, and a senior partner is always in control of every file to ensure that that it receives timely and thorough attention. We welcome you to read more about our comprehensive corporate services.

We help foreign enterprises obtain difficult, hard to get licenses, permits, approvals and government support and prepare them for entry into highly regulated Chinese industries, including pharmaceuticals, gaming, telecom, television, information technology, retailing, and energy. Learn more here about the Industries We Serve.

Usually companies engage our services while still in the strategic planning stage and seek our support to implement company initiatives and achieve company objectives. Because every venture is unique, especially on foreign soil, not just knowing, but knowing how has been the key to the success of the clients we serve.

Often the effort involves extensive coaching and a well prepared strategic plan. Other times it may require political lobbying of the Chinese government at the local, provincial, or central level. Regardless the stage of your business development, our expertise in navigating through the Chinese bureaucracy has been the cornerstone of our practice in China.

Doing Business In China

For over 20 years we have been assisting businesses to invest and grow in China. We believe that U.S. and other business investors in China receive a distinct advantage by partnering with legal and business consultants who have sophisticated knowledge of both international business practices and the unique nature of Chinese Business Culture. Our Shanghai attorneys and consultants will educate and guide you regarding doing business in China. And we can help you answer the pressing question: Can I Do Business in China?

Our Areas of Practice

IPO Pang has extensive expertise in each of the following practice areas. More information about each individual area may be found by using the links below. We welcome you to contact IPO Pang to discuss how we may be of service to your venture in each of these areas.

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