Intellectual Property Law and Counterfeit Enforcement

IP protection is the number one priority when doing business in China. China believes in the rule of law, but this falls apart quickly when faced with the massive implementation infrastructure needed to complete this promise. At IPO Pang, we assist clients with registration of IP rights, oppositions, cancellation, appeals, appearance before TRAB, administrative litigation, and related civil suits.

All aspects of IP law are practiced and handled at IPO Pang: trademarks, copyrights, patents and industrial designs. We arrange, manage and oversee investigations, raids and seizures of factories and distribution centers along with the local AIC and PSB. We assist clients with registration at Customs, both at the central and local levels, and engage Customs Inspectors on educational programs to facilitate them in achieving their goal (and our client’s goal) of stopping export of infringing or counterfeit products. We administer bounty programs, education programs and maintenance programs for intellectual property rights in China. We also specialize in trademark buybacks, directly or through intermediary companies and we do so at local prices.

Our team of seasoned IP lawyers, counsel, agents, investigators and former AIC and CTO consultants bring to the practice an unparalleled level of service and performance. We monitor infringement activities at local markets and online. Additionally, we work with China’s largest internet commerce company, Alibaba, in ensuring our client’s trademarks and copyrights are respected and not violated. At IPO Pang, our motto is: INVESTIGATE, LITIGATE AND ELIMINATE.

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