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Negotiated, drafted and finalized a Stock Purchase Agreement for the sale of a multinational chemical company with a subsidiary and factory in China. Sale was accomplished through a series of complex holding companies. Acquiror was a US company.

Investigated, raided and seized over $1.6 million worth of counterfeit products involving iPhone cases, iPads and related mobile phone and tablet cases. Filed civil litigation against infringer, won substantial award for client.

Filed administrative litigation against an imitator, infringer and trademark thief for having copied and adopted over 50 trademarks belonging to a foreign entity with over 150 years of history and millions in sales. Successfully sued, obtain substantial award.

Negotiated, drafted and finalized a seminal distribution agreement for a diagnostics company interested in distributing and partnering with a major pharmaceutical company listed on the Shenzhen Exchange. The distribution agreement called for an upfront payment and multi-million dollar purchase orders.

Assisted a multi-national company with a serious trademark infringement case where the local AIC threatened to fine the enterprise for having used a registered symbol of a trademark on a product that was not, in fact, registered. Fine was assessed at 7 figures (based on sales of the last 4 years) and successfully settled matter out of court in 5 figures.

Represented a major US port in setting up their local office in Shanghai, connected same with key port officials, and maintained corporate entity and legal compliance for subsequent years.

Represented a US company investigated by Chinese officials for anti-bribery violations in China and the compendium violation of the US FCPA. Negotiated with senior enforcement officials in the Chinese ministries, presented the case with very complex intricacies, successfully avoided criminal fines and received a warning from the officials regarding past actions. A very successful outcome in view of the difficult facts.

Set up a factory for a major automotive supplier in partnership with a local partner. Negotiated, drafted and finalized a joint venture agreement, distribution agreement, license agreement and an exit agreement. Took over 5 months to complete but completed to the satisfaction of client. Total value of joint venture: $25 million.

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