Publication – Leveraging international investment opportunities

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Legal Updates | By Peter Pang

Mr. Pang, founder, and principal of the firm recently participated in a joint-publication with fellow IR Global members. In this piece, members discuss respective investment opportunities and pitfalls they encounter in their practice.   READ MORE     Share this post: FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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IPO Pang Xingpu Welcomes Four New Team Members!

Categories: Legal Updates | By Kristy Guo

  IPO Pang Xingpu is pleased to introduce to you four new team members this month. Nina Linh will serve as the Director of Business Development for the US territory. Her reputation for integrity, expertise, and professionalism has given her access to an extensive network of professionals across many sectors including real estate assets and development, education,…

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IPO Pang Xingpu to Attend IR Global’s Annual Meeting in Berlin

Categories: Blog, Legal Updates | By Teo Doremus

IPO Pang Xingpu will attend IR Global’s Annual Meeting this September at the Ritz Carlton Berlin (Sept 9-12). The firm has been a proud and long standing member of the network and is looking forward to meeting new members. Multiple meeting rooms will be available throughout the day for different purposes including 10 Practice group…

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IPO Pang Xingpu to Attend IBLC’s Meeting in Cincinnati Next Month

Categories: Blog, Legal Updates | By Teo Doremus

Mr. Pang, Managing Attorney and Founder of IPO Pang Xingpu will be attending the Cincinnati meeting of the International Business Law Consortium on September 7. The firm has been a member of the group for several years and has developed over time strong ties with its members. The group is an international alliance of select law…

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Renting an Apartment in China: Know Your Rights

Categories: Blog, China 101 | By Teo Doremus

Renting an Apartment in China

Many foreign nationals have flocked to China’s largest cities in recent years, only to find that both the property market as well as Chinese landlord-tenant law are substantially different than in other jurisdictions. By typing “renting an apartment in China” into any Internet search engine you will find that the first results are stories about…

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Protecting Worker Safety in China: Why It Matters

Categories: Blog, Labor and Employment Law | By Alley Huang

worker safety in china

  Many countries have governmental occupational health and safety standards to protect workers on the job.  In the United States, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor is responsible for regulating the workplace conditions and safety. OSHA was created in the early 1970’s, the agency is responsible…

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Trade Dress and Chinese Name, Keys to Foreign Brand’s Success in China

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Intellectual Property | By Gray Liu

  A common question in Chinese intellectual property (IP) law posed by many foreign businesses and counsels when they first begin operation in the PRC is the extent to which Chinese characters and colors are protected under Chinese IP law.  English is almost universally accepted as the language of international business, but domestic Chinese consumers…

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The 2017 ‘Negative List’ Has Been Officially Issued

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Legal Updates | By Cathy Deng

Negative List China

  China’s infamous attempt at exercising control over its inbound foreign investments is embodied by the yearly issuance of the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (the Catalogue). For many years, this Catalogue listed encouraged industries where foreign investments were encouraged along with a list of industries where foreign investment was either restricted…

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