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Changing Employment Landscape in China

China’s labor and employment laws have changed dramatically. They are more complex and more pro-employee than ever before.

On the up side, this new generation of Chinese workers is more sophisticated, more innovative,  often more capable,  harder working… and more adept at handling high-end tasks.

But if you have business interests in China… there can be challenges:

The cost of doing business has gone up, and employees are much more  aware of their rights. They are paying more attention to things like working hours and benefits, as well as rights upon termination… and they are more likely to take legal action.

It’s just one more reason why you need IPO Pang. Their experienced employment law attorneys are on the ground in China and understand how the termination process works.

They can keep you from a long, drawn out court process that can turn ugly and expensive quickly.

IPO Pang's experience in China’s labor and employment law will also make sure your company remains in compliance when it comes to:

  • Drafting employment agreements and benefit plans
  • Executing IP assignment agreements
  • Handing over of company materials when an employee leaves
  • Enforcing non-compete and non-disclosure clauses
  • Preserving trade secrets

… just to name a few areas.

IPO Pang also has extensive experience in appearing before the labor board and advocating for their employee clients.

The opportunities in China abound, but don’t take chances.

When being right matters, IPO Pang is here.

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