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Peifei Zhang
HR, Accounting and Regulatory Specialist

Peifei Zhang is the Firm’s HR, Regulatory and Accounting Specialist. As a graduate of Shanghai Television University in accounting and HR management, Peifei has over 30 years of finance, accounting, human resources and regulatory experience. Ms. Zhang has experience working with Chinese tax authorities, Provincial Labor Commissions and multi-national enterprises. Prior to joining the Firm, Peifei was the Chief Finance and HR Consultant and Specialist for bwin Management and Consulting Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the bwin Interactive Entertainment Co. based out of Vienna whose principal business was online gaming. Before joining bwin, Ms. Zhang was the HR, Office Manager for Win Win Gaming Ltd. in Shanghai where she was responsible for all the accounting, human resource management and controller functions and oversaw a large team of employees, consultants and outside vendors. During her tenure at the Firm, Ms. Zhang focuses her support in the HR, Accounting and Regulatory areas.

Peifei has been responsible for establishing hundreds of WFOE for companies whose headquarters span the globe, including the US, Australia, Canada, numerous countries from South America, Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, France, and many more. Her local know how and “guanxi” is legendary and her network of local agents, tax inspectors, labor commissioners and friends at various governmental agencies have been invaluable in shedding insights for clients needing guidance through the web of Chinese regulations.

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