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Our ability to marshal high level contacts and connections to smooth the way for acceptance by the Chinese government is legendary and unparalleled in its scope and reach.

We work hard, play by the rules, never compromise on our integrity, and are singularly focused on serving our clients - and each of them as if they are the last and only client we have.

IPO PANG is a service firm; highly educated, highly experienced and highly motivated to serve our foreign enterprise clients in places where they have not gone before. In this vein, we constantly seek to provide outstanding service of the highest quality, and to do so in a timely and cost effective manner. We employ all forms of technology to complement our practice so that we are available when our clients need us. All of our key staff members are available virtually 24/7 for service via instant messaging, email, or phone.

While every matter is overseen by a senior attorney, we leverage just the right level of associates, paralegals, technicians, specialists and administrative staff to support a particular matter so that a case is never overworked or under staffed. Our firm employs a Client Service Manager, who is always available at [email protected] Our Managing Counsel is also accessible where senior legal input is required.


Although we represent and advocate our client and client’s matters zealously and without compromise, we never lose sight that our first and foremost value principal is integrity. Without it, we do no justice to our client nor to ourselves. Integrity is the pillar of our firm’s founding principal and upon which we value more than anything else.


Have been in China since early 1990’s; firm principals have over 35 years of experience each, much of that on the ground in China; we study each case thoroughly, conduct necessary research and background investigation and leverage our know how and street smarts to achieve a successful result for the client. At IPO PANG, we not only know the law, we know how to marshal the law to the advantage of our clients.


Our principals have been educated both in China and in the Western World, most notably in the US and England, and we speak the language, not only Mandarin Chinese (Shanghainese, Mandarin and Cantonese), but the language of business, which is essential in facilitating deals and achieving a successful outcome. At IPO PANG, we not only know, we know how.

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