We work hard, play by the rules, never compromise on our integrity, and are SINGULARLY FOCUSED ON SERVING OUR CLIENTS. 

We treat our clients as if they are the last and only client we have.

IPO PANG is a legal and business services firm; highly educated, highly experienced and highly motivated to serve our foreign enterprise clients in places where they have not gone before. We constantly seek to provide our clients with outstanding services, and do so in a timely and cost effective manner. We employ all forms of technology to complement our practice so that we are available when our clients need us. All of our key staff members are available virtually 24/7 for service via instant messaging, email, or phone.

While every matter is overseen by a senior attorney, we leverage just the right level of associates, paralegals, technicians, specialists, and administrative staff to support a particular matter so that a case is never understaffed. Our firm employs a Client Service Manager, who is always available at [email protected]. Our Managing Counsel is also accessible where senior legal input is required.