Publication – Leveraging international investment opportunities

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Legal Updates | By Peter Pang

Mr. Pang, founder, and principal of the firm recently participated in a joint-publication with fellow IR Global members. In this piece, members discuss respective investment opportunities and pitfalls they encounter in their practice.   READ MORE     Share this post: FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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Trade Dress and Chinese Name, Keys to Foreign Brand’s Success in China

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Intellectual Property | By Gray Liu

  A common question in Chinese intellectual property (IP) law posed by many foreign businesses and counsels when they first begin operation in the PRC is the extent to which Chinese characters and colors are protected under Chinese IP law.  English is almost universally accepted as the language of international business, but domestic Chinese consumers…

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The 2017 ‘Negative List’ Has Been Officially Issued

Categories: Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Legal Updates | By Cathy Deng

Negative List China

  China’s infamous attempt at exercising control over its inbound foreign investments is embodied by the yearly issuance of the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (the Catalogue). For many years, this Catalogue listed encouraged industries where foreign investments were encouraged along with a list of industries where foreign investment was either restricted…

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How to Protect Trade Secrets in China When Employees Leave

Categories: Business In China, China 101, Labor and Employment Law | By Peter Pang

The challenge is thus how a Chinese company can protect its trade secrets when an employee quits to either start a competing business of his or her own or to join a competitor without violating PRC law in the process As China continues to develop truly world-class e-commerce and other Internet and technology companies like…

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The Reinstatement of an Employee Under Chinese Law

Categories: Arbitration and Litigation, Blog, Business In China, Foreign Direct Investments, Labor and Employment Law | By Cathy Deng

If you are a Chinese employer and have terminated an employee, it is highly likely the employer may seek redress through the courts in an effort to rescind their termination and be reinstated. Chinese employment law is extremely employee friendly and there are very limited circumstances under which an employee can be terminated when compared…

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Obtaining an ICP License in China: A Business Necessity for Any Web-Based Presence?

Categories: Business In China, China 101 | By Teo Doremus

  The Internet has exploded in China, and some of the world’s leading e-commerce and other web-based business like Alibaba, WeChat and others have originated from the PRC.  However, the PRC does exercise stricter control over the Internet and websites than some foreign businesses might be used to. In order to operate a website in…

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Famous Trademarks and the Protections Offered Under Chinese IP Law to Such Marks

Categories: Business In China, Intellectual Property | By John Tan

China is a “first registration ” jurisdiction when it comes to trademark protections, meaning that the first individual or corporate entity to register a trademark will generally take priority over subsequent applicants. This can give significant leverage to a “squatter” who applies for a trademark in the name of a famous or well-known person or…

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How to Set up a WFOE in 2017

Categories: Business In China, China 101, Foreign Direct Investments | By Teo Doremus

  In 2016, China’s government passed a new foreign investment law (the Foreign Invested Enterprises Law) designed to make the PRC a more attractive environment for foreign investors.  In connection with this new law, the Chinese government, through the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), also issued new regulations regarding the formation and registration of wholly foreign-owned…

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