Information Technology

Although China is the world’s largest Internet user, it is far from being the information technology capital of the world. For Developing World IT needs, many foreign enterprises have traditionally turned to India and possibly Russia as sources. This will not remain the case for long. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has set a goal for China to become the world’s IT outsourcing capital within 5 years, and with nearly a dozen publicly listed companies (many on NASDAQ) whose primary business is to service companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Google and others, China is well on its way to achieving its goal. With such ambitious plans, regulations that govern this sector have not kept pace, resulting in numerous uncertainties, ambiguities and inconsistencies in the interpretation of the laws and regulations that govern this section. 

IPO Pang has been working in this sector hand-in-hand with industry leaders, and our attorneys and specialists have a unique in-depth understanding of the problems, opportunities, and challenges faced by the industry. Our clients benefit from our practical knowledge of the issues, our access to MIIT insiders, and more importantly, the creative and timely fashion with which we dispense our practical and cost-effective professional advice. Our network of industry specialists are often just a phone call away should information on industry norms, government proclivities and market temperature ever be needed on short notice. Our attorneys expertly structure deals, help create and maintain strong customer and supplier relationships, and facilitate communication with government authorities whenever needed. We place a premium on lawyers who understand the legal and business aspects of this industry, and in concert with our firm’s governmental connections, we believe we provide an exceptional combination of skills that help the foreign enterprise client to successfully structure, negotiate and obtain approval for transactions in this field.

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