China already has the world’s largest network of high speed rails. It is the largest purchaser of airplanes and has the world’s largest contiguous airport complex. These statistics demonstrate that China is poised for greatness and poised for continued growth. With it, billions of dollars’ worth of contracts will be handed out to suppliers at every level of the supply chain. China’s transportation boom hasn’t escaped the notice of foreign enterprises. In fact, many foreign enterprises have called upon IPO Pang for advice and counsel on how to bid for lucrative contracts and how to complete the necessary documentation and approvals that make them a player in this market. We have been working in the transportation sector since 1992 when we represented a designer and manufacturer of power cables for light rails, commonly known as the third rail, for inclusion in a system in Dalian, China. Since those early days, the market for new technology and infrastructure projects has exploded, and IPO Pang has continuously developed its practice in order to assist foreign enterprise clients aiming to crack the Chinese market for their transportation products and services. We believe the market will continue to grow at exponential rates and regulators will continue to refine the rules of the game. Foreign enterprises with technology, know-how and the determination to help build transportation hubs, infrastructure projects and related supporting industries should not miss out on this growth. IPO Pang is a leading provider of advisory services in this sector in China and we intend to remain a significant force in this industry for years to come.

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